Well ya' miserable little people of Tokyo! You've done well to tune in, cuz this is the site that's got everything! Or at least some things. This is my personal webzone that's a love letter to what websites looked like in the 90's, particularly Godzilla websites, which is why all the text is green. Some of those are still up, and from time to time I get nostalgic and poke around on them, and I wonder, like... what if these sites never died? Because the oldest ones are stuck on Destroyah, and then you have varying degrees of further updates, but they all pretty much died before Shin Godzilla came out. So we never got to see a website with rad skull and fire gifs giving a brief bio of the anime Dogora. And I think that's a shame, I mean fan wikis are fun and all, but I'm sure I don't need to tell you how the culling of the internet down to like the same 5 websites is stupid and terrible for everyone except billionaires. So there's that.

So yeah this is that. Working on this slowly, lotta stuff to do, it's a little daunting, but it'll be cool, trust me. Obviously, to truly be a real rad 90's style website, this has to be under construction, so I'll put more down here later.

If you want to learn all about me, I made a little about page here.